Ray Gun – Mark Hayward

International yo-yo superstar Takeshi Kamisato came up with this trick, and famed yo-yo player John-Bot added the sound effects. It is still one of Mark’s favorites. It’s the most fun when you really get into making the noise of charging your ray gun before you fire it.


Gyroscopic Flop with a Yo-yo – Mark Hayward

This trick has been described as THE coolest yo-yo trick in the world.

Pro tips: 1) You must be using an unresponsive yo-yo. Some yo-yos work better than others for this trick. 2) Count the number of turns. Each flip changes the direction of rotation and therefore the direction you have to bind the yo-yo to get it to return to your hand. 3) If you’re having trouble with the mount (it’s called the Kamikaze mount), watch the thumb.


One Night Only, Comedy and Variety Festival to come to PA

If you like fun ( and I know you do, or you would be on this site), you should come out to the One Night Only, Comedy and Variety Festival!


We’ve got an amazing world-class line-up that is different at each stop. Don’t miss the must-see event of the year. And remember… it’s One Night Only!