Zippo Snap Start – Steve Brown

The trick here is to aim your hand in such a way that snapping your fingers makes your middle finger do the actual hitting…hitting the lid to open, grazing the wheel to spark, and hitting the lid again to close. Under no circumstances is this trick to be used in conjunction with a lousy water cooler impersonation of Andrew Dice Clay.

Song is “Star Gazer” by Warm Soda.

Zippo Pop – Steve Brown

Here’s a cool and simple way to open your Zippo lighter! Just hold as shown, and squeeze hard, allowing your top two finger to slide back just a bit. As your fingers snap down, you’ll end up gripping the bottom part of the lighter and the removal of force will pop the lid open. Sounds more complicated than it is!

Song is “Strange As It Seems” by Warm Soda.

Fill An Upside Down Water Glass – Steve Brown

Here’s a fun little stunt that will amuse the kids or possibly get you a free drink at the bar…just explain to everyone that you can dump the water out of a glass, and then put the water back in…while the glass is upside down. General disbelief will follow, and then just follow the video! The flame from the matches pulls in and eats all the available oxygen and creates a mini vacuum when it runs out of oxygen…pulling in whatever else it can find, including the water in the bottom of the dish. You can use a regular saucer for this as well, or any small plate.

Song is “Train” by Summer Time.